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Below is a list of some of the many websites which offer Shroud of Turin related information.



Established in 1996 by Barrie Schwortz, this website is the most comprehensive resource available on the internet for alll matters relating to the Shroud.

This is the website for the latest film about the Shroud of Turin from BAFTA Award winning director David Rolfe. In addition to details about the film, it also provides a wealth of information about the evidence obtained from over one hundred years of research into this sacred cloth.

Founded in 1951, The Holy Shroud Guild was dedicated to promoting devotion and scientific research of this sacred cloth. Georgio Bracaglia has archived the Guild's materials and posts many of their excellent resources online.

The Shroud of Turin Exhibition is a UK-based travelling exhibition which has been run by Pam Moon since 2008. It takes life sized replicas of the Shroud of Turin to different venues around Europe, with accompanying display panels which help visitors to understand the mysteries of the Shroud.

This website was established by Russ Breault and is a highly useful resource for students wishing to research this topic. There are links to numerous podcasts, audio and video presentations, as well as scientific papers covering all aspects of Shroud research.

The Turin Shroud Center of Colorado has carried out research on the Shroud of Turin over many years. Led by John and Rebecca Jackson, this organisation is dedicated to educating the public on all of the important historic, forensic and scientific data concerning the Shroud.

An Italian/English website created by Maurizio Marinelli, The International Centre of studies on the Shroud is committed to spread the message and the lesson of the Shroud in the world.

A Spanish language website which covers both the Shroud of Turin and the Sudarium of Oviedo.

A French language website by author Sébastien Cataldo.

A Spanish website created by The Mexican Syndonology Centre, the largest Shroud organization in Mexico. It promotes Shroud research and information to thousands of interested people in Spanish speaking countries.

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